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Under The Covers With My 90's Lovers

New PLB Album: Under the Covers with My 90’s Lovers

The Patrick Lentz Band has just released their latest album, Under the Covers with My 90’s Lovers. Eleven tracks of R&B covers by PLB will surely make their fans happy. The album, as well as the individual songs, are available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify.

Hear these classic 90’s R&B covers:

  1. Thong Song
  2. Nice and Slow
  3. Waterfalls
  4. All My Life
  5. Bug a Boo
  6. I Wanna Sex You Up
  7. Juicy
  8. I’ll Make Love to You
  9. Too Close
  10. Summertime
  11. Bump n’ Grind

Get your copy today and have some nostalgic fun under the covers with the Patrick Lentz Band!

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